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Sunday's show was amazing! I am in awe of God's greatness! Loving me some my God!!! Grateful for all my guests and listeners. God cover and keep them! Propel them into greatness!Favor reign in their lives! Amen! If you missed it go to Actress Meagan Tandy, Designer Lameka Weeks of, Andre Baxter of Christine Designs by Andre Millinery, Craig Adams of Adams Int'l House of Fashion, and Stellar Nominated Jai Reed were wonderful guests. Will post their links

Don't rely on what you see and what you hear, EVER! Why? Because these things are temporal for your everlasting life! You must put your everything in God for your every outcome! YES, EVERYTHING! I know for myself that its easier said than done, but please do so! That's my prayer for you today to put your TRUST in God! Be Encouraged world!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tragedies Oh Tragedies When Will You Stop

Oil Rig Explosion: Drilling Rig off Louisiana Coast Burns After Powerful Explosion - ABC News
We have gone from praying for the miners in W VA, to praying the people affected by the earthquake in China, to praying for those affected by the plane crash killing many of the Polish government including their President and his wife, to praying for those now affected by the oil rig explosion not far from home here approx 50 miles from Venice, LA in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, we still have people furious that our 44th President is black. They can't even recall that the mess we are in was left by the one who preceded him. President Barack Obama is making an effort to correct a mess. The word says, "pray for those in authority". Question is, when will we as a people start? Look around people, God is serious and He is watching to see when will we begin to turn from our wicked ways, seek His face, humble ourselves and pray. Not until then will God heal our land. The Lord is ready and willing waiting on us. I know about offshore. My partner is a Commercial Diver by trade and has been offshore several times in the Gulf. You constantly pray for their safety. Especially, once they are out there in the middle on nowhere. When he calls if he can get a signal and say, "I am going in the water pray for me, sister". So, tonight we are praying for the 11 not accounted for as of yet with hope that they return safe and we pray for their families and their strength to continue in hope for their loved ones. Let us be encouraged to pray daily that we can build up a storage of prayer that when these events take place we are not lacking pray because we are constantly on the pray wall. Be encouraged.

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