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Sunday's show was amazing! I am in awe of God's greatness! Loving me some my God!!! Grateful for all my guests and listeners. God cover and keep them! Propel them into greatness!Favor reign in their lives! Amen! If you missed it go to Actress Meagan Tandy, Designer Lameka Weeks of, Andre Baxter of Christine Designs by Andre Millinery, Craig Adams of Adams Int'l House of Fashion, and Stellar Nominated Jai Reed were wonderful guests. Will post their links

Don't rely on what you see and what you hear, EVER! Why? Because these things are temporal for your everlasting life! You must put your everything in God for your every outcome! YES, EVERYTHING! I know for myself that its easier said than done, but please do so! That's my prayer for you today to put your TRUST in God! Be Encouraged world!

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Surviving and growing stronger. Encouraged and determined to be an ENCOURAGER. I needed to share my heart so hear I am praying that at least 1 person is blessed so it will not be in vain.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Day

Today has been trying for me. I am really frustrated with myself for some decisions I have made that are having a negative impact on my life. Isn't it a very miserable and frustrating time when you see yourself but don't stop yourself in time from making a mess. Then you cry out to God, I am in trouble please get me out today! Unfortunately, waiting is a hard road too. Don't mention trusting God when you can't trace Him! Really am I alone in this phase of life? Is there anyone out there who knows where I am coming from without having to lay out my foolishness. I guess I have to build up a trust even in blogging, but I would like one comment from someone in reference to anything discussed on here. Just click comment at the bottom of the post. Also, to subscribe to my blog daily click follow found on the right as you scroll down. Be encouraged today to keep walking and talking to Jesus. He will make everything alright! Pray for me and I am praying for you! Sometimes you have to keep encouraging yourself. The Encourager going down tonight praying for you. Until Tomorrow!

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