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Sunday's show was amazing! I am in awe of God's greatness! Loving me some my God!!! Grateful for all my guests and listeners. God cover and keep them! Propel them into greatness!Favor reign in their lives! Amen! If you missed it go to Actress Meagan Tandy, Designer Lameka Weeks of, Andre Baxter of Christine Designs by Andre Millinery, Craig Adams of Adams Int'l House of Fashion, and Stellar Nominated Jai Reed were wonderful guests. Will post their links

Don't rely on what you see and what you hear, EVER! Why? Because these things are temporal for your everlasting life! You must put your everything in God for your every outcome! YES, EVERYTHING! I know for myself that its easier said than done, but please do so! That's my prayer for you today to put your TRUST in God! Be Encouraged world!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Makes You Go, "Mmm" or Ah Hah"

Maine man gets 2 years for forcing sons to fight - U.S. news-
Now, was he being cruel intentionally or was he trying to teach survival skills? Yes, we need to know how to protect ourselves in time of trouble. So, when do we teach them or do we pray they just know how by instinct? What do you think as a parent? How would you have judged this incident if it was your courtroom. Do you believe mama went overboard or was she absolutely correct to report this? Is it child abuse? You have to help us out, tell us what are your thoughts?

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