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Sunday's show was amazing! I am in awe of God's greatness! Loving me some my God!!! Grateful for all my guests and listeners. God cover and keep them! Propel them into greatness!Favor reign in their lives! Amen! If you missed it go to Actress Meagan Tandy, Designer Lameka Weeks of, Andre Baxter of Christine Designs by Andre Millinery, Craig Adams of Adams Int'l House of Fashion, and Stellar Nominated Jai Reed were wonderful guests. Will post their links

Don't rely on what you see and what you hear, EVER! Why? Because these things are temporal for your everlasting life! You must put your everything in God for your every outcome! YES, EVERYTHING! I know for myself that its easier said than done, but please do so! That's my prayer for you today to put your TRUST in God! Be Encouraged world!

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Surviving and growing stronger. Encouraged and determined to be an ENCOURAGER. I needed to share my heart so hear I am praying that at least 1 person is blessed so it will not be in vain.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prayer Bank is Up and Running

Do you ever desire prayer, but don't know who to call? Or you don't want to be a bother? Well, Prayer Bank knows the feeling and now we have a site just for you! Prayer Bank is my baby where we can go to leave a prayer request we call prayer deposit and then others leave prayers and you can do a prayer withdrawal anytime you need. The prayers are their to agree with you, uplift you, intercede, and strengthen. You are not alone, we will make every effort to meet your need for prayer. So, please don't hesitate to bookmark the site and use it. Pass the info on to others! Why? Because, I want everyone to be Encouraged to Pray Daily! There is someone, somewhere, praying for you! Prayer Bank "where you deposit needs and withdraw power through prayer! Love you and be encouraged!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angry, Pray for me!!!

Have you ever been so angry that even though you prayed, you still are boiling? Well, I am over the top HOT!!! The saying is, that people can only do to you what you allow them to! The saying, is that you are responsible for your emotions! Ok, but when someone continues to come at you from different angles and doesn't relent, what? I try not saying anything in hopes of not provoking a bad situation into a very explosive episode! Yet, even after meditating, praying, and just ignoring it happens! I blow and I go over the top and beyond where I want to be or ever expected. Have you ever been able to see yourself hurting someone, saying unmentionable things to happen to them, and in that moment being willing to go to jail for what you want to do. That's a spirit! One that through this ill-advised decision to allow this undeserving person into your life has a whole lot of ungodly followings that have attached themselves to your space. Pray for me! No joke! Pray for me! I have much to do and no time or any more patience and tolerance for this foolish one and the imps that follow! So, I am continuing to pray that the change begins with me! My actions are not pleasing to God and I so desire to return to Him with a contrite heart and washed hands that He may use me to His glory! I know that I am angry to the point of medicate me to remove this feeling. It makes you want to be alone and never speak of the evil that you have encountered believing that you are doing good only to have it evil spoken of. Why, because when that overwhelming wave of anger comes the Christ in me no longer resonates and the presence that I hear as I explode is not of my Father! Pray for me! Truly, pray for me! I encourage you to pray daily! Today, I ask, when you pray, pray for me! I have come to realize that those who I thought were closer to me than blood have been removed for whatever reason God has seen fit. Because, I have gone over it along with everything else to figure out what is my part in this and I still don't know why for the most part I awake and am alone outside of God and my son. I try to feel as though I am not only to realize that I am. For the most part if I don't call or go by then there is no contact. I am guilty of wanting to be alone cause its easier than discussing it and having it be the topic of others conversation of how stupid you are for the state you are in. So you close off unsure of who you are. Even though if you allowed people will continue to ask you to do without even recognizing that you have lost your way somehow. Almost, four years ago come July 2 I made a decision to see what was going to be when I went into early labor and my baby girl is not here. Since, that moment I have tried to stop myself from talking about it because the pain is unbearable. I believe that decision cost me my baby and the guilt I feel for that moment and the anger I have let take over so that I blame the one who was there with me for every wrong in my life since that moment! Yet, people don't want to hear that so I am writing, pray for me! Pray that the anger stops rising and I through faith and prayer trust God to heal my heart and my mind! Anger, depression, grief, and worthlessness can render you to be existing but not present. To where you are functioning but not fully alive to the moment. I will live in my present again and I am in a fight to do so because everytime I look at my son who will be 2 July 13 I know that I have to live in the joy that God has given me fully without the hauntings of my past, my anger, my whatever is hindering my newness of life! Pray for ME!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Back

I have been away for some time now but I want to return. I must tell there hasn't been much change in the world. People are still being killed for unkwn reasons. Society is still making their own rules without thought of consequences. Love still hasn't reached all corners of the world. We need a Savior and He has not changed or left, thank God! All you have to do is accept Him and accept that you need Him and can't do it alone!!! I say all the time, "think before you act, because if you think its not that serious at all"! STOP!!! Stop the killing, the lying, the backbiting, the deceit, the thievery, the selfishness, the hatred, the ridicule, the worrying, the foolishness! God hasn't changed, that's great! The world hasn't changed, that's not good! Wake up! The train is coming and without the ticket, you can't get onboard!!! That's the truth as I know it and I encourage you now to pray daily for we stand in the need of prayer!!! The brickwall is hot about it!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Is Here!

Well the new anticipated year is here and its coming with death clicking on its heels. Death from sickness, accidents, and senseless, unnecessary murders. May the Lord heal the hearts of the grieving and brokenhearted, right now as we pray! Now, while we have the Lord's attention, we ask Father, cover and keep the Congresswoman in Tuscan and all those injured during that horrible event! We have to pray for those in authority that's what the word requires of us who believe! Pray for them, not against them. It says to respect those in authority! Do that too! If you love your family and friends, then love the world and the people where your family and friends live and breathe. Pray for their fellowman, for their community, their government, their schools, and all that encompasses your loved ones, PRAY!!! A change will come when we learn that we all are in this together whether united or divided. Our blood will shed the same if cut or shot! Our tears will flow the same, whether death from natural causes or unfortunately stabbed or shot! Our fear will be the same if someone breakins or gundowns. We will know the same pain whether it happens to black or white the heart still carries the burden of pain. So, if we can survive knowing the Saints won't TwoDat then we can in 2011 become stronger by lifting each other up in prayer no matter what!!! DoDat and be encouraged to pray daily that's my prayer ALWAYS for you!!! God Bless and keep you!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays Be Encouraged!!!

My brothers and my sisters during this holiday season please remember their are those who are feeling less than festive. Speaking now to those who may need this word, "You are covered in prayer!!!" Regardless, of how it seems right now its not the final picture or last call for your joy and peace. God is still covering and keeping and lifting. So, if you feel alone call someone and not feel alone. Go by a friend and not be alone. Its easier said than done I definitely know, but keep pressing and praising and pushing and progressing one step at a time. You are a beautiful inspiration, yes, you are! How? You inspire me to be Encouraged to pray daily!!!:) You thought I forgot! NOT! So my brother and sister Be Encouraged to Pray Daily!!! Love you all and prayer for these next days will be marked as your BEST and know Success in a very real way! #metoonextinlineforamanifestedmiracle that's for my twittertweettweets, lol! Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Expectations

My expectation level is rising. I am expecting great things in my life. I am expecting more joy, love, and peace. I am expecting to reach new heights and new dimensions. I am expecting to growing stronger spiritually. I am expecting to reshape my physical to match my spiritual. So, what is inside shows from the outside first. I am expecting for my family's every need to be met expeditiously!!! I expect that my loved ones be blessed in every area of their lives RIGHT NOW! I expect that my enemies will know a God who can and is the "bridge over troubled waters". I expect my enemies will get to know a God who "lifts up a standard against every weapon formed against me". I expect my enemies to know that inspite of all that they've tried to defeat me "I am still here! Still rising! Still Standing!" Yes, I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS because I serve a GREAT and AWESOME GOD! Be encouraged to pray daily and may God continue to bless and keep you always is my continual prayer for YOU!!!